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We are a family owned French Bulldog breeder that produces French Bulldog puppies for the adoption here in the USA, and the rest of the world. We do not promote selling of puppies and always looking for the good adoption family. With our selective breeding process with World Champion Pedigrees we can guarantee that our Frenchie Puppies are healthy, proper temperament and confirmation correct.

Our puppies are all raised in a loving family environment with enough land completely secured for the dogs to run as they love to do.  

We specialize in breeding high-quality French Bulldog puppies with the best coat. For those who would like to know more go to our contact page and fill it with your questions or email us if you have more questions at (

Temperament and soundness are of the highest importance to us and we strive to produce puppies that will become irreplaceable members of your family for years to come. We only have dogs in our breeding stock and on our webpage that we feel represent the best of what French Bulldogs can be.  

Our puppies have gone on to become Extraordinairy home companions, Dog Super Models, therapy dogs, guard dogs, and just plain old couch best friends.

Our puppies are part of our family with very distinct personalities and we can help you choose which breeding lines would fit best with your personality. Some of you want that Frenchies that will run around for hours with energy to spare and some of you want a puppy to sit by your side in peaceful contentment. Some of you want a Frenchie with that special instinct that makes them some sort of a protective pet. We have found our Frenchie Puppies are a wonderful combination of all three.

We encourage you to come visit and see our puppies for the adoption for yourselves. In case you are too far away to come yourself, look through our pages and remember a picture truly is worth a thousand words. We love to talk about our dogs, so please feel free to contact us. We want you to find the right puppy. I have found people know when they find the right one.  

We do not microchip our puppies prior to going to their new home unless requested after purchase. All you need to do is go online and register the new member of your family and we will do the rest. 

We recommend this valuable service which could help reunite you with your much-loved pet in the chance he/she is lost. But again we understand is not for everyone and we respect that. 

We offer a one-year guarantee against any debilitating congenital defect and a 26-month guarantee against genetic defects. Our pups' dewclaws are removed at an earlier stage.  

We hope we atleast gave you an idea of who we are, what we do, why we do this, and how we got here today.

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